TAXI Road Rally 2009

Here I go again, gearing up for this year's TAXI Road Rally. I have to say, I'm really excited. I'll see some old friends, make some new friends and try to gain a deeper understanding of this craft called songwriting.

Last year's rally was great, I took home much from the Robin Frederick and Jason Blume classes.  John Braheny was excellent too. But this year somehow, I hope to gain a deeper understanding about myself. How to just submit stuff and stop holding back. I have to understand that not all of my songs are perfect, or complete or totally commercial. I do have some great songs that I just need to get out there.  They have great ears on that panel at TAXI. Maybe I'll come away with the knowledge that we're all works in progress, we're all the same. When it's over, I'll report on the goings on, come back in a few days!

So here I come again world, you listeners and judges. Rally, it's gonna be another ride!

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