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Citing various influences, Robin Sandoval is recognized as a prolific lyricist, melody creator and singer. Her upcoming projects are modern blends of Pop, R&B, Neo-soul, Contemporary/Indie Rock and EDM.

Located in North Los Angeles, Robin Sandoval is a singer/songwriter who cannot be defined by any one music genre.

Robin has teamed up with several well-known, prolific producers and songwriters for both commercial and record projects and has been a published singer/songwriter with BMI since the '90's.

"I love writing lyrics that make people feel immediate joy or sadness, envy or greed, love or passion -- a well-written lyric and melody line can help to understand, we're all walking on the same emotional road of life. Songs wake us up in so many ways and mark important times in our lives."

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Hear the latest songs from Robin on Soundcloud!

Hear the latest songs from Robin on Soundcloud!